Maintenance & Service Agreements

Feel secure in letting loose this vacation - we'll keep our eyes on your networks. With increasing complexity and routine integration of voice and data it is not unusual for most companies to work with three, four, five or more vendors to maintain the ever increasing number of communications systems required to provide the services they depend on.

BrickNet IT approaches this business requirement with several individual services that we offer wrapped together to create our Network Maintenance Contract which encompasses both your computer network and your telephony system. Our goal is to provide a single solution that keeps all your systems working with a service level higher than most companies currently experience today, at a cost below creating these services in-house.

This Network Maintenance Contract can be broken down into Data and/or Telephony Systems. This is accomplished through purchasing "blocks" of hours at a greatly reduced rate, which enables your company to budget your total IT budget with no surprises and giving you a peace of mind that you are covered under any circumstances.

How we do it

Most on-site computer repair services just "fix" what is broken instead of proactively addressing network planning, network upgrades and computer system maintenance. At BrickNet IT, our mission is to introduce the professional on-site computer service systems and methodologies from large companies to small to medium businesses in Maine. We also incorporate a team approach to computer and telephony service that is reliable, redundant and accountable.

Getting started is simple and easy:
  1. First, we sit down with you to understand your specific business goals.
  2. We make recommendations based on these goals and your current technology.
  3. We knowledgeably implement these recommendations based on your budget and timeline.
  4. Most importantly our team proactively and systematically maintains your network using our Computer and Network Maintenance checklist.

Benefits of service and maintenance agreements

  • Able to budget your telephony and IT requirements annually (save money on additional telecom & IT staff (no workers comp, insurance, other benefit expense)
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Savings through remote access
  • Safer and faster data networks through proactive maintenance
  • Network monitoring available to help foresee problems
  • Reduced travel time expense, costs for cabling, DSL problems, phone
  • System programming, relocation preparation, and system restores


We help you to manage your data network through proactive measures. Provided below is a list of these measures that we will take to secure, protect, and ensure optimum network performance. Rest assured that your systems will be taken care of by our talented specialists.

Monthly proactive measures that BrickNet IT performs
  • Defragment OS & data partitions
  • Test to restore capabilities of backup devices 
  • Review historical data
  • Update any LAN virus solutions
  • Verify all OS and drivers, install updates
  • Schedule and down all servers to defrag cache
  • Verify all managed LAN switches, hubs, and ports

These services are done via the block of hours that you purchase. In most cases, these services will only take a few hours monthly. In the event that BrickNet IT finds issues that need immediate attention, we will notify the contact person and proceed as instructed, again utilizing the block of hours purchased.


This contract "insures" your company’s telephony hardware against failure for the contract period and allows you to budget telephony hardware cost until the time that you budget for a new system. This contract in conjunction with a telephony service agreement gives you the peace of mind of knowing that there won’t be any surprises to your IT budget.

Call us today to set up a proactive plan to keep your systems running optimally.

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