Home Automation

As a contractor in Maine, are you looking to gain an ADVANTAGE over your competition? Have you tried including Home Automation in your portfolio?

Try presenting this scenario to your potential customers and watch as their eyes slowly glaze over... At 6:30 AM their bedroom shades could open, a soothing voice bid them good morning, lights and heat come on at their comfort level for that time of day. As they roll out of bed, the morning headlines and sports scores are read to them along with that day's weather forecast. The bathroom light flips on, and as they climb into the shower, the coffee pot automatically begins to brew. Another day begins... Then you ask them... "Isn't this what you deserve and are really looking for in this type of investment?"

Do you have a potential customer that wants to build a nice, comfortable 2nd home in Maine? What are the considerations that play out in their minds? Will they need a caretaker for the property because of the weather conditions here in Maine, and lack of "comfort" in leaving such a large investment unattended at times? Would they like to be able to "see and feel" their home while they are away?

This is a few of the ways you can help them do it:
Use IP Cameras that will allow them to view both exterior and interior construction of their home to monitor the progress from any location in the world! Once their home is complete, this Smart Home Technology allows your customer to view their prized possessions at any time from anywhere, make changes to temperature and light settings, even receive alarms when there is unusual water flow due to a frozen and broken pipe in their home, or even on their yacht that is docked at the waterfront of their property.

What a home can be (Mark Twain, 1896)
"To us our house was not unsentient— it had heart, and a soul, and eyes to see us with; and approvals, and solititude, and deep sympathies; it was of us, and we were in its confidence, and lived in its grace and the peace of its benediction. We never came home from an absence that its face did not light up and speak out its eloquent welcome— and we could not enter it unmoved."

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