About Us

BrickNet IT has been serving the IT needs of the state of Maine for over 17 years. We work with local businesses, schools, medical facilities, as well as various non-profit organizations.

IP Security Camera Systems

High Speed Dome Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera is the ideal solution for your demanding security surveillance and remote monitoring applications. It can be used for day or night viewing, and comes in a rugged, tamper-proof enclosure and comes with a Lifetime Warranty and promotes discounts from insurance companies.

Fiber Services

Why pay high rates for low speeds to the phone and TV cable companies to connect your buildings? Fiber Optic Cable delivers Gigabit speeds over a secure connection.

A Fiber Optic Wide Area Network also provides a solid foundation for future VoIP and IP Video between your locations.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Some insurance companies are now requiring this to be in place, offering discounted rates for complying companies. Having a disaster recovery plan in place allows all owners, managers, and key employees to know how, when, and where to react and respond when a disaster strikes. BrickNet IT can help your company to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan to protect assets and staff.

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